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About Us

Having achived 45 years of mutual growth with customers based on its corporate philosophy of honesty and trust, GMSA Industries Pvt. Ltd. regards success of its customers as the highest corporate priority.
In order to response to rapidly changing market environments, and ever-diversifying needs of the customers, GMSA Industries Pvt. Ltd. conducts its business operations under different business divisions that specialize in the following areas:
Chemical Division (Resins & Hardeners, Super Glue, Silicone Sealant etc.)
Tire Repair Division (Cold Patches, Seal Strings & Rubber Solution etc.)
Hardware Division (Packing Solutions, Oxygen Regulator, Welding Holder & Nut, Bolts etc.)
Trading Division (Air Conditioners, Garlic, Clear Float Glass, Ply Wood & Hosiery Products etc.)
Marketing Division (Our Marketing & Sales specialists provide the supply system comprehensive services all over the Pakistan.)

The knowledge, expertise and professionalism gained under this corporate structure will further strengthen the foundation of each business division to grow into a fully autonomous, leading business operation in its area.

GMSA: A reliable partner for success providing a high quality tailored products and services that adds value to your products. High technology manufacturing, stock and offer sales of diverse quality products using world-wide vendor and supplier network all GMSA to bring a tailored customer services that suit individual needs of every customer.

GMSA Industries Ltd. provide products, services and information to help its customers grow and become more competitive in the market.
At GMSA Industries Ltd., each business division works closely with one another through a network of talented individuals in sharing its experiences and technologies accumulated over time, allowing the company to provide a total solution that enables success of our customers.

High experience & professionalism make the GMSA distinct in its category. GMSA is now recognized as a Symbol of Quality Products & Services, in Pakistan and internationally. It guarantees the best possible services. Moreover GMSA Industries Ltd. is fast expanding its scope of services.

If you have query or need any other information we could provide OR if you have any suggestion/ comments, then please feel free to contact us.

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