> GMSA Extra Super Glue

GMSA Extra Super Glue

It is a unique gift of 21st century with the help of latest scientic technology, namely GMSA Extra Super Glue that instantly adheres to most materials, i.e. Wood, Plastic, Electronics, Rubber, Leather, Metal * Ceramics etc.

Product DescriptionPackingP.No.
Card 2.5 gram10 Units Card/20 Cards Cartoon240 Cards Master CartoonGSG-3
Box 2.5 gram48 Units Box/12 Box Cartoon
48 Box Master Carton
Card 1.5 gram12 Units Card/25 Cards Carton200 Cards Master CartonGSG-BC-2
Box 1.5 gram10 Units Box/50 Box Carton200 Box Master CartonGCG-BC-2S
20 gram25 Units Box/ 16 Box Master CartonGSG-20
50 gram10 Units Box/ 20 Box Master CartonGSG-50
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