VARSAT Multi_Purpose Oil

VARSAT Multi_Purpose Oil

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Item Name: VARSAT Multi_Purpose Oil (High Lubricity)
Product Code: 64
Group: Industrial Oils
Minimum Order Quantity: 01
Sales UOM: Drum

Additional Information


  • Varsat is special lubricants for moving parts of machines with high lubricity and appropriate
  • Varsat is blended by premium quality high viscosity index mineral base oils with greater sheer
  • Varsat is oil of choice for o Swivels
    o Journals / Bearings
    o Chains
    o Moving Parts


  • Varsat is oil of choice for loss lubrication of moving parts of machines.
  • Varsat provides excellent protection against rust
  • Varsat provides excellent protection of moving parts of machines against wear and tear
  • Varsat protects moving parts of machines against corrosion.