Cold Patch & Tire Repairing

Known nationally for its brand name of ELEPHANT & GMSA, GMSA takes pride in the “quality” of its products as well as the competitiveness it provides. For over 40 years, GMSA strives to use natural rubber to ensure durability and usage safety of its products. In times of need, our high-quality tire repair products safeguard driving safety by stabilizing tires, thereby gaining significant praise and support in the global tire repair market. Starting from initial raw materials, GMSA implements strict control measures for each stage of the production process, providing crucial and reliable safety for drivers.

Our extensive range of Cold Patch and Tire Repair Products for all types of vehicles is your solution for all tire needs and requirements. Guaranteeing high quality, it is proved to be of high density, viscosity, and thickness which will not only repair tires but ensure high quality and effectiveness. GMSA believes in excellent quality provision for their customer satisfaction, and it’s Cold Patch and Tire Repair Products are prime examples of high-end solutions.

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