GMSA Group, a family-owned enterprise, started as a cottage industry set-up. However, in just 2 decades, it has emerged as the top Adhesive and Lubricant manufacturer in Pakistan. 20 years of corporate development experience has allowed it to act as an innovative leading company in adhesive, rubber, lubricant, hygiene & car care and LPG products for numerous markets and industries. This was made possible by the commitment and competence of the directors, who always found the perfect solution for their customers.

Staying true to the founder’s original innovative vision, GMSA has continuously pushed the limits in developing design techniques of their various products to meet the increasingly challenging requirements of diverse clients in a number of industries. It has operated with a cutting-edge, research-focused approach and a national outlook. At the same time, as always, quality has been the number-one priority, ensuring that the clients receive consistent formulas and the highest product quality.


Founder’s Message

“All of us earn a living in one way or another. We may be employees of a large company or entrepreneurs running our own business. During our work hours, we serve the vision of our employer or our business. We manage a huge plate of responsibilities, learn the best strategies and practices, receive training, and immerse in the company culture – all to meet the end objectives of the company. Some people devote their entire life to their work – even after official work hours and during weekends. Their life is tied to serving their company.”


Our vision is to become one of the world’s most innovative, best performing and trusted brands whose highest corporate priority is the success of its customers.


Through our brand, we aspire to complement and optimize the economy, efficiency and effectiveness of our customer’s needs and interests. We strive to provide high quality products and tailor-made services that add value to your products.