GMSA Energy Pvt . Ltd

GMSA Energy Division foresees itself as a leader in the LPG industry, by introducing advanced cost-effective solutions to overcome operational bottlenecks.
GMSA Energy Division is wholly committed to providing excellent services in compliance with the highest international standards and safety regulations. Our Job is to provide the best available and accurately weighed LPG to all distributors and eventually to our consumers, whether household or commercial. We have made a firm commitment with our stakeholders to spread the LPG operations throughout Pakistan. With extended storage and filling capacity and mobile skid mounted filling units, GMSA Energy Division has established a very firm base in order to fulfill its long term commitments.

The most reliable provider of affordable LPG in the country, GMSA Energy Division products are available to households, industries and small businesses, motorists, and communities reliant on synthetic natural gas directly and through its extensive network of distributors.
LPG is a clean portable fuel and it can be easily transported from one place to another. It is non-toxic, easy to use, and environment friendly. LPG reduces the maintenance cost and downtime when used as a fuel and it provides a healthier working environment as it is a clean fuel with lesser emission of carbon and other impurities.

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  • Muhammad Arshad (CEO)
  • Muhammad Akram (Director)
  • Muhammad Asim (Director)
  • Muhammad Hammad (Director)