PROTEAS Gas Engine Oil

PROTEAS Gas Engine Oil

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  • Proteas C 710 is premium quality Gas Engine Oil especially produced by highest quality of Group II
    & III base oils and most advanced low ash additives.
  • Proteas C 710 is oil of choice for wide range of latest generation heavy duty, high output,
    low emission, turbocharged 4 stroke stationary engines running on natural gas and duel fuel
  • Proteas C 710 is a low Sulphated Ash Gas Engine Oil to provide outstanding deposit control,
    exceptional oxidation and nitration resistance.
  • Proteas C 710 provides excellent protection against ring and liner scuffing, outstanding deposit
    control at ring and piston


  • Outstanding protection of engine parts against wear tear of piston, ring and liner scuffing due to
    higher lubricity and anti-wear additives
  • Excellent Engine Performance due to high quality detergent and dispersant additives which engine
    parts clean and deposit free
  • Exceptional Engine Performance due to low ash additives which provides minimum valve recession and
    minimize pre ignition spark plug fouling
  • Longer life of oil in severe service condition due to top quality base oils and adequate quantity
    of anti-wear additives