REHENIUM Turbine Oil

REHENIUM Turbine Oil

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Product Characteristics

  • Rhenium is premium quality turbine oil especially developed for gas and steam turbines operating in
    severe conditions of high temperature and pressure
  • Rhenium provides excellent thermal and oxidation stability.
  • Rhenium provides high anti-weld performance, superior surface finish and extended tool lifebecause of its chlorine free additives and low Sulphur quantity.
  • Rhenium provides excellent protection against wear & tear in extreme condition of applicationbecause of its better thermal and oxidation stability.


  • Outstanding protection of equipment due to its anti-weld property.
  • Excellent Engine anti-wear performance with superior thermal and oxidation stability.
  • Exceptional protection against rust and corrosion with higher filterability and low friction
  • Longer life of oil in severe service condition due to superior hydrolytic stability and seal compatibility.