RHODIUM Cutting Oil

RHODIUM Cutting Oil

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Product Characteristics

Rhodium is premium quality cutting oil specially developed for o Gear Cutting and Shaving

  • Deep Hole Drilling
  • Broaching and Tapping
  • Grinding, Honing and Lapping
  • Turning, Planning, Shaping and Milling

Rhodium provides excellent cooling and lubrication in a wide variety of operations where the
machining requirements range from moderate to severe.
Rhodium provides high anti-weld performance, superior surface finish and extended tool life
because of its chlorine free additives and low sulpher quantity.
Rhodium provides excellent protection against wear & tear in extreme condition of application
because of its better thermal and oxidation stability.


  • Outstanding protection of equipment due to its anti-weld property.
  • Excellent Engine anti-wear performance with superior thermal and oxidation stability.
  • Low foaming tendency in high speed operation.
  • Excellent detergency prevents loading of sprinting wheel and grit and fines and also assists in
    flushing and setting of chips.