JASPER Compressor Oil

JASPER Compressor Oil

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Product Characteristics

  • Jasper C series is premium quality air compressor oil especially developed by high quality group
    II base oil and superior quality package additives.
  • Jasper is oil of choice for air compressors performing in severe conditions of high temperatures
    and extreme pressures.
  • Jasper provides excellent stability and oxidation resistance at high temperature.
  • Jasper provides cleanliness with reduced deposits on pistons and valves.
  • Jasper provides excellent protection against corrosion in extreme condition of application.


  • Outstanding protection of equipment and cleanliness due to low carbon and other harmful deposit
  • Excellent equipment protection due to its high temperature oxidation stability which resists oil
    breakdown at high discharge temperatures in compressor crankcase application.
  • Exceptional protection against rust and corrosion against moisture entering into the system
    especially during shutdown and intermittent operation
  • Longer life of oil in severe service condition due to superior air release and anti-foaming