HARE Hear Transfer Oil

HARE Hear Transfer Oil

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Product Characteristics

GMSA Hare is premium quality Heat Transfer oil specially developed for

  • Heat transfer systems where oil is heated by gas, electricity or furnace oil and the hot oil
    transfers heat to the point of application
  • Heating of autoclaves, heat treatment baths, furnaces etc.
  • Heating by heat exchange
  • Temperature control for storage bins
  • Heating of Industrial premises
  • Production of Steam and Hot Water
  • Manufacturing Processes

GMSA Hare provides excellent thermal stability due to highly refined quality base oils GMSA Hare
has high flash point and high viscosity index
GMSA Hare offers prompt circulation because of its swift flow characteristics at low temperature


  • Outstanding heat transfer properties ensures efficient transfer of heat
  • Excellent thermal stability and high oxidation resistance greatly reduces sludge formation and coke deposits
  • Low vapor pressure at higher temperatures minimizes evaporation and vapor lock
  • Longer life of heat exchangers and other parts of the system as it keeps the internal surface clean
  • Extended oil life under controlled heating environment


Product Characteristics

Properties Test Method Unit Sample Values
Appearance Visual C & B C & B
Color ASTM D 1500 ASTM L2.5
Density at 15 oC D 1298 Kg / L 0.868
Kinematic Viscosity at 40 oC D 445 cSt 45.95
Kinematic Viscosity at 100 oC D 445 cSt 7.07
Viscosity Index D 2270 112
Flash Point COC D 92 oC 233
Pour Point D 97 oC -18
Apparent Viscosity by Cold Cranking 

Simulator at -15  oC

D 5293 cP
Foaming Test Sequence II D 892 ml/ml 0/0
Total Base Number D 2896 mg KOH/g
Sulphated Ash D 874 Wt % 0.03
Specific Heat @ 100 oC BTU/lb –oF 0.450
Specific Heat @ 200 oC BTU/lb –oF 0.459
Specific Heat @ 300 oC BTU/lb –oF 0.468
Thermal Conductivity @ 100 oC BTU/hr -ft- oF 0.0749
Thermal Conductivity @ 200 oC BTU/hr -ft- oF 0.0735
Thermal Conductivity @ 300 oC BTU/hr -ft- oF 0.0722
Dynamic Viscosity @ 40 oC m.Pa.s 39.102
Dynamic Viscosity @ 100 oC m.Pa.s 5.708
Dynamic Viscosity @ 200 oC m.Pa.s 1.253
Dynamic Viscosity @ 300 oC m.Pa.s 0.563

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