SYLPHINA General Purpose

SYLPHINA General Purpose

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GMSA Sylphina 30               General Purpose Engine Oil



  • Sylphina is specially developed engine oil which suits well in turbocharged and naturally aspirated engines besides excellent usage for high lubricity in textile machinery with Plunger and Pressure Pumps.
  • Sylphina meets rather exceed the requirement of API CD
  • Sylphina is blended by premium quality high viscosity index mineral base oils with adequate additive package
  • Sylphina provides greater anti-wear and anti-corrosion properties
  • Sylphina has outstanding detergents and dispersants



  • Sylphina is oil of choice for lubrication with high shear stability
  • Sylphina provides excellent protection against wear and tear of moving parts
  • Sylphina provides optimum cleaning of moving parts
  • Sylphina protects machines by virtue of its high anti-rust and anti-oxidant properties


Product Characteristics

Properties Test Methods Units Result
Viscosity Grade     SAE 30
Specific Gravity ASTM D 1298 gm / ml 0.895
Viscosity  @ 40* C ASTM D 445 cSt 105.7
Viscosity  @ 100* C ASTM D 445 cSt 11.72
Viscosity Index ASTM D 2270   99
Flash Point COC ASTM D 92 *C 255
Pour Point ASTM D 97 *C – 18
Color ASTM D 1500 ASTM L 3.5

The values mentioned in the table represent the mean values